A doula is a support person who has received training in how to best care for a birthing woman and her family during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Doula’s provide continuous, nonjudgmental support regardless of how you choose to give birth.

Here’s what is looks like to have a BIRTHFIT Boise Doula on your birth team


Prenatal care

Once hired we are officially a part of your birth dream team! We are available via text, phone, and e-mail during your entire pregnancy. We offer one prenatal visit where we sit down with you and your partner to get to know you both and your wishes for your birth and postpartum. We help you discover what your values are and open up discussions about birth preferences to help you explore all of your options. We go on-call for your birth beginning at 37 weeks of your pregnancy and remain available up to 6 weeks postpartum.

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Labor support

We remain in contact with you once you alert us that you are in labor and will join you at any point when you want us to join you. We help guide your partner to help you in ways that they feel most comfortable, provide comfort measure suggestions, emotional validation and understanding, encouragement, and mediation between you and your medical care team. We will remain with you your entire birth and up to two hours after your baby is born. No time limit is placed on our presence at your birth, take your time mama!


Postpartum SUpport

We believe that mom’s support shouldn’t end after baby’s arrival! Following the birth of your baby we remain in contact with you to ensure a smooth and healthy transition into motherhood. We provide 1 in person visit to provide resources for professionals in our area, help with breastfeeding/bottle feeding, check in with mom’s and partner’s mind, body, & soul, and answer questions about your birth.